The Scrooge of Pussy past.

Scrooge is an evil fucker. He is richer than the rich. Scrooge also loves his pussy. Never spent a dime on a whore, because the ladies would put out in an instance to get a taste of his gold.

His assistant Bobbie Cratchit will do anything for him. She will shine is shoes and gag on his dick.

Why you ask? She has a family to feed, a husband without a job and a 18 year old daughter named Tiny Tina who needs money for college. Jobs are not to easy to come buy especially since Scrooge owns the whole town.

That night was like any other night, Bobbie sucked his dick and Scrooge came in her mouth while screaming MERRY CHRISTMAS BITCH!


That evening Bobbie had a to shine his shoes like any other night, however on this Christmas eve night she gave his shoes a nice cum shine. She spat the cum out of her mouth and shined his shoes.

Sparkling cum shine.

Scrooge went home like most nights, he’s walking the streets and looking and degrading women with his thoughts

I would fuck her, he thought. Yes tie you up until you begged for more, he thought.

Whoresssss you are all fuckinggg whoressss.

Scrooges dick was hard again and he knew he was gonna have to jerk it before bed.

It was 11 pm. Scrooge is wearing his pajamas and holding a bottle of rum in one and his dick in the other and jerking his cock from his 75th floor penthouse window staring into the streets screaming.



The same moment a man screamed out.


Scrooges dick goes limp. My God no,he says. Who the fuck let you in here? He says while zipping up his pants.

I am the ghost of pussy past and you will learn the lessons of love and respect, SCROOGE.


You shall see.

This spirit makes Scrooges clothes vanish and grabs him by the ball. Come here and I dont mean cum here.

See your first loves.

Her name was Wendy, you where both 13 at the time, playing in the fields. That was the first moment you..

The spirit was stopped by scrooges words.

Fell in love. Yes I remember, until then i only felt true love from my parents and at that moment i felt it again for Wendy.

Scrooges eyes tear up.

What changed you Scrooge.

His memories bring him back to when he was 19. He fell in love hard with Tracey. He loved everything about her and mostly her fucking.

She let him piss all over her. He would often slap his dick on her face and she would allow this and ask for more has his cum drips down her face to her tongue.

She would allow all her holes to be filled including her ass. She would take all of Scrooges 12 inch cock. She would beg him to pull her hair while fucking her from behind. Tracey would especially love when he fisted her asshole until his elbow in a 69 position. The deeper his arm went, the deeper her mouth would go down his shaft attempting to tip her tongue and his balls.

Scrooge would not let go of her pussy when he would be sucking on her clit and she screamed all the better for it.

She tought him bdsm, choking,rope hanging, all the fucking you can possibly imagine.

Tell me Scrooge what happened, said the spirit

She was a fucking whore. My love was greater than hers. My last evening after I fucked her. She went to a party and did a fucking gangbang with the filthy men there.

I was invited to this party not knowing it would be that kind of fun. Her and her friend Janice dog position on a couch while men behind her waiting to dump there cum on her and men in front of her ready to gag her.

I vowed never to love again and she made me see that women are whores at birth.

ENOUGH SCROOGE, the spirit says.

One womens filthy habits does not imply all women are the same. They all have different love to give. You must open your hearth again until it’s to late.

Scrooge is brought back to his bed, his hands on his balls.

What the fuck happened. He said.

Scrooge thinks it’s a dream. It must be.

No it’s not fool. She said

Who are you now?

I’m the spirit of pussy present.

What do you wish from me?

For you to love and respect women.

BUHUNCUM! He yelled.

A rope is suddenly around Scrooges neck.

You will see Scrooge.

The spirit pulls on the rope and Scrooge is up in the air grasping for air. She grabs his dick and starts masturbating him. Scrooge starts to feel a mixture of pleasure and pain. His body trembling with ecstasy and is mouth reaching for air. The spirit keeps on jerking him.

Who’s the whore now Scrooge?

He is about to climax only to stop.

Now you see Scrooge. She said.

He sees his assistant Bobbie fucking her husband. Riding him up and down as her husband lays on the bed pinching her nipples.

She’s lactating.

Her breast milk comes out and falls on his chest. Her pussy squirts at the pleasure and her husband cums inside her.

Why did she not tell me she is pregnant. I would never have fucked her like I do. I would have waited until the child was out.

She is afraid Scrooge. She wants to keep her job to support her family even if this means she must suck your cock.

I had no idea she was struggling.

Most people struggle in your town. You just choose not to see it and fuck your women like street corner hookers.

They wanted me, every last one of them.

You are wrong Scrooge they fucked your money not you, all of them would eat your cum to have a taste of your wealth.

Not Wendy. She was love but she moved and I never saw her again.

Look Scrooge.

Wendy at a homeless shelter.

What happened to her?

Her exhusband would beat her and rape her. That’s what happened. Living on the streets was her own escape.

Scrooge cries. Cries and cries.

I sense the love in you Scrooge. I feel it.

He falls to the ground. No rope around his neck and no spirit in his room.

He starts to cry has he recalls what just happened.


He pulls himself together and grabs a beer from his bar.

It’s not over Scrooge.

What the fuck now?

A naked man stands in front of him.

I’m the ghost of pussy future. See your future if you head down your evil ways.

He sees himself fucking a young lady. she is neck down on the floor while her back is up against the couch while Scrooge pounds his cock deep inside her. He grabs a dildo by the couch and sticks it in her anal. She likes that.

Call me your filthy girl she says and he does.

Who is that spirit.

Bobbies daughter Tiny Tina.


Bobbie died after child birth. Before dying she begged her daughter to finish school to have a better life. You saw this position of power and paid for her studies in exchange to fucking her like a rag doll for many nights.


But you have Scrooge.

I cannot go down.this path. What have I become.

We have saved the best for last Scrooge.

He sees himself getting fucked up the ass.


Yessssss Scrooge. One of your old flames who wanted revenge from you like many others drugged you and now you are getting fucked by all these men. You dont even realise it.


They gather all around him fucking him up his ass. Multiple men cumming in his mouth has he swallows them hole. Cum drizzling down his ass as dicks come in and out. Men cumming all over his body. His dick cums from all their pleasure.

Nooooo. Fuck no. God no. help me God.

Scrooge falls to his knees as dicks keep cumming on him. Scrooge cant breath, to much cum coming out of his throat. Hes about to die a horrible cum death.


Hes back in his room.

Scrooge does live on and learns to love again.

The end!

Happy Thanksgiving!

My wife brings me the Turkey. It has been defrosting for the last 2 days. There is something about a Turkey that gets my dick hard.

I rub a bunch of butter all over that Turkey, like I would butter my wife with my cum.

I wrap bacon all around the Turkey. When it melts all the bacon fat covers my Turkey and makes it nice and juicy, just like when I cover my wife’s face with cum I spread that cum all over her face with my dick.

Let’s talk about the stuffing. I stuff that Turkey tightly till it cant breath no more. You know where I’m going with this….I stuff my wife’s pussy with my dick until she’s nice and stuffed. I stick a but plug in her ass and a mouth ball up her throat so that’s she’s nice and stuffed and fill her up with my cum.

All this Turkey making got me horney and I take my wife in the kitchen and start fucking her on the table. Yet i can’t stop thinking of the Turkey and how i prepared it. I keep on looking at it, I look at its hole all stuffed up and the thought of it makes me cum.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Rise:refused part 3

They said no. The council actually said no.

We meet once a month to discuss our city’s safety and what we can do to make it better. It’s happened on many occasions that we help each other out.

They want me to help out Blake. I accepted not knowing they where gonna refuse my request.

Council she is my daughter. I said

Yes we know and you know full well this is men only and it has been like this since the beginning of time or have you forgotten. Women do not have our endurance and strength for what we do.

I will make sure she does. I will train her harder than I was. I will make her endure unimaginable pain. She will be strong I swear by our oath.

No. They said.

You are cowards of change. The women of our time is not the house ladies of the 50s. They can do it. They are has strong has us.


Blake grabs my shoulder. Letting me know to stop.

I go out and break has much asshole criminals has I can. They got me pissed. My daughter is my successor.

She will be Rise.

Fuck them all. I will train her and she wI’ll make them eat there fucking words.

To be continued…

The man in the house

I see him every day in his home doing nothing. His mail being picked up and thrown in his home like trash. He has not bothered to pick up his mess.

His home smells of something rotten. Hes stopped feeding his cat. He doesn’t even answer the phone just let’s it ring and ring. I try to talk to him but he doesn’t listen.

His descent has been dropping more and more since his wife left him a month ago. Wondering where she is or who she’s with.

Five days now he has not been cleaning himself up.

No contact with the outside world. His t.v playing the same fucking channel all day long. Fucking life channel.

It’s my fault I guess. I shouldn’t have killed his wife last month and buried her. I did what any good killer would do and killed him as well. Couldn’t take his crying anymore.

That’s life!

Harry porked her and the chamber of sex

A tale of sex.

It was the night before the first of porn school.

Harry’s parents didn’t want him to do porn because its sinful and non Christian like. Every evening they would lock him in his room and make him pray for forgiveness.

What Harry did instead was jerk off to his best friend Whoreminian. He was looking forward to seeing her tommorow because she’s the first one he will fuck and her boyfriend Ron Jeasly will have to watch. Its an in class project.

The first day was finally here. All the boys in Porn school where showing off there dicks to each other and some testing some new lines when cumming on there partners faces.


That was everyone’s favorite spell.

While everyone was getting there dicks and pussy wet for class. The three amigos found a secret chamber.

OMG!SOMEONE FUCK ME NOW! Said Whoreminian.

Jeasly was stunned and got erected at the same time seeing all the gadgets.

Harry decided to wip his dick out right there.

This is my kind of room. A whole bunch of fuck toys and straps and kinks for everyone.

All of a sudden Whoreminians pants fell and a sticky pointy tongue went down on her. She could not believe it. Cockthemort was eating her out.

Like the tongue of a snake bitch?

She came instantly.

Harry charges towards her and sticks his dick in her ass.

Jeasly screams in anger, noticing his girlfriend loving the fuck session.

Jeasly falls to his knees and masturbates while crying and staring at them. I’m powerless he cries out.


DumbleWhore the top head master at school walks in.

Cockthemort tries to cum all over Whoreminian but too late.

Dumblewhore pushes her away and swallows all of his cum and spits it out on his face.


Dumblewhore was right. The amigos where beginners and Cockthemort was a senior in porn school he had no right making them cum this hard.

He left.

Dumblewhore slowly made them cum and showed them back to class.


The chamber of sex was forever closed.

The word game

Allo peeps. Here is a short story for a short life that ended to soon.


Henry was a part of a street gang called killer bloods. Mostly deal with drugs and sex. He wasn’t high level guy but would get there with some hard work and getting your hands dirty.

Henry has gunned down many rival gang members. Look at his gang wrong and he would shoot you down. Steal from the stealers they cut off your hands. The bloodier the better.

That morning wasn’t a pleasant morning. A year ago his mother passed away. The word started spreading that the local grocery stores son said that Henry’s mom died from being a whore on the streets. This did not sit well with Henry.

When Henry saw him that evening he shot the guy straight in the face. The poor kid never had time to react.

Later that night Henry was watching some girls stripping on the pole when his favorite Tracy came to him.

So sad about Timmy. She said.

He got what was coming to him.

What you talking about Henry? That kid only got respect for you.

Someone who respects you doesn’t disrespect your mom.

What you mean?

That peace of shit said my mom dresses like a whore.

Who fucking told you that?


I think he got it wrong.

What you mean?

I spoke to Timmy this morning and all he had to say was nice things about your mom. Says that she was the classiest lady on the block.

Henry wasn’t feeling to good. This was not sitting right with him.

The next morning he started interrogating about what Timmy said. He went down the ladder. John who heard from Nancy who heard it from Frank who heard it from aunt Julie and she heard it from grandma Susie who’s Timmy’s grandma.

Susie can we have a word. She’s on old lady who has known his mother from back in the day.

Heard what? She said.

No let’s talk.

As they are talking it’s becoming clear to him that this lady is not all there and has a hearing problem and she’s hearing the opposite from what he’s saying.

Timmy loved you lots. He only had respect for you. Shame what happened to the boy.

I heard about what he said about my mom.

The boy said nothing wrong. I just heard him wrong. He came to clear it with me before he died. These darn ears of mine. What you gonna do when your 98 years old.

Henry walked up and left. Shocked about what he learned. He got it wrong. Killed a young boy for nothing.

Hes not gonna kill this old lady. She just old not her fault. The boy was innocent.

He goes back to grandma Susie and shoots her dead.

He leaves smiling realizing that this was like that game one person says one thing and let’s see what it sounds like at the end of the line.

That put a smile on his face.