Harry porked her and the chamber of sex

A tale of sex.

It was the night before the first of porn school.

Harry’s parents didn’t want him to do porn because its sinful and non Christian like. Every evening they would lock him in his room and make him pray for forgiveness.

What Harry did instead was jerk off to his best friend Whoreminian. He was looking forward to seeing her tommorow because she’s the first one he will fuck and her boyfriend Ron Jeasly will have to watch. Its an in class project.

The first day was finally here. All the boys in Porn school where showing off there dicks to each other and some testing some new lines when cumming on there partners faces.


That was everyone’s favorite spell.

While everyone was getting there dicks and pussy wet for class. The three amigos found a secret chamber.

OMG!SOMEONE FUCK ME NOW! Said Whoreminian.

Jeasly was stunned and got erected at the same time seeing all the gadgets.

Harry decided to wip his dick out right there.

This is my kind of room. A whole bunch of fuck toys and straps and kinks for everyone.

All of a sudden Whoreminians pants fell and a sticky pointy tongue went down on her. She could not believe it. Cockthemort was eating her out.

Like the tongue of a snake bitch?

She came instantly.

Harry charges towards her and sticks his dick in her ass.

Jeasly screams in anger, noticing his girlfriend loving the fuck session.

Jeasly falls to his knees and masturbates while crying and staring at them. I’m powerless he cries out.


DumbleWhore the top head master at school walks in.

Cockthemort tries to cum all over Whoreminian but too late.

Dumblewhore pushes her away and swallows all of his cum and spits it out on his face.


Dumblewhore was right. The amigos where beginners and Cockthemort was a senior in porn school he had no right making them cum this hard.

He left.

Dumblewhore slowly made them cum and showed them back to class.


The chamber of sex was forever closed.


The word game

Allo peeps. Here is a short story for a short life that ended to soon.


Henry was a part of a street gang called killer bloods. Mostly deal with drugs and sex. He wasn’t high level guy but would get there with some hard work and getting your hands dirty.

Henry has gunned down many rival gang members. Look at his gang wrong and he would shoot you down. Steal from the stealers they cut off your hands. The bloodier the better.

That morning wasn’t a pleasant morning. A year ago his mother passed away. The word started spreading that the local grocery stores son said that Henry’s mom died from being a whore on the streets. This did not sit well with Henry.

When Henry saw him that evening he shot the guy straight in the face. The poor kid never had time to react.

Later that night Henry was watching some girls stripping on the pole when his favorite Tracy came to him.

So sad about Timmy. She said.

He got what was coming to him.

What you talking about Henry? That kid only got respect for you.

Someone who respects you doesn’t disrespect your mom.

What you mean?

That peace of shit said my mom dresses like a whore.

Who fucking told you that?


I think he got it wrong.

What you mean?

I spoke to Timmy this morning and all he had to say was nice things about your mom. Says that she was the classiest lady on the block.

Henry wasn’t feeling to good. This was not sitting right with him.

The next morning he started interrogating about what Timmy said. He went down the ladder. John who heard from Nancy who heard it from Frank who heard it from aunt Julie and she heard it from grandma Susie who’s Timmy’s grandma.

Susie can we have a word. She’s on old lady who has known his mother from back in the day.

Heard what? She said.

No let’s talk.

As they are talking it’s becoming clear to him that this lady is not all there and has a hearing problem and she’s hearing the opposite from what he’s saying.

Timmy loved you lots. He only had respect for you. Shame what happened to the boy.

I heard about what he said about my mom.

The boy said nothing wrong. I just heard him wrong. He came to clear it with me before he died. These darn ears of mine. What you gonna do when your 98 years old.

Henry walked up and left. Shocked about what he learned. He got it wrong. Killed a young boy for nothing.

Hes not gonna kill this old lady. She just old not her fault. The boy was innocent.

He goes back to grandma Susie and shoots her dead.

He leaves smiling realizing that this was like that game one person says one thing and let’s see what it sounds like at the end of the line.

That put a smile on his face.

Sex story

I fuck her hard.

I stick my huge cock in her wet fucking pussy. You like this bitch, tell me how much you like this whore.

She says nothing.

You want my cock in your ass don’t you.

I take out the lub and drip it on my dick.

Take it bitch. Your taking it deep now. Screaaaammmmmm bitch, scream.

She says nothing.

I’m gonna deepthroath you until you choke. Come here.

I pull her by her hair to show her who’s boss. I grab my shaft and throw it in her mouth.

Taste your pussy, taste your ass whore.

She says nothing.

I’m gonna cum in your mouth get ready.


The cum fills her mouth, her face. He slaps her down and she hits the floor.

That’s a good whore.

He walks to the washroom and washes his dick and rinses his face. He grabs a dry towel and puts water and soap on it and walks towards her.

Gonna clean your sorry ass bitch.

He picks her up and wipes her down.

There you go whore all clean.

Then he deflates her and puts her back in the amazon box he bought her from and puts her in the closet.

Moments later his wife walks in and she wants sex.

Not tonight honey, I’m tired.

The fucking end!

The Rise: let’s talk

(Ongoing series chapter 2)

The conversation:

Sooo how long have you been doing this? My daughter asks.

It’s about 4 in the morning. My daughter woke up to me changing out of my vigilante outfit in the garage. I guess I wasnt has silent has I thought and now we are all sitting around the kitchen table with wife included discussing this predicament.

I’ve been doing this for a little over 20 years. I tell her.

Sooo my dad fights crime? You know this mom?

She stares at me and then smiles back at our daughter.

Listen Jen. Your dad has been doing this for years and hes good at what he does even though I found out about it the same way has you so not really sure how hes managed to keep that secret for so long without the world knowing.

I think it’s because I feel safe at home Stacy. My guard is down I guess. I said.

We all look at each other and I can see my daughter trying to grip with all this. She’s only 16, to young to be old, to old to be a child.

This city is safe because of what I do honey. I tell her. I wanted to wait before telling you. I wanted to wait for your 18th birthday. I want you to be a part of this. To take over. I cant do this forever.

You want me to replace you. She says. That’s why I’ve been taking those martial arts classes since I’ve been 6. Why not just come flat out and tell me.

I was trying to bring you into the right direction. I wanted you to choose that path and you have willingly. Now I will teach you the balance so you can become the next Rise.

Rise. What the fuck is Rise. She said

That’s my code name. Rise. You know like rise against crime, rise above the city. You know.

Ok I get it I guess.

Look will talk more about this. It’s late go back to sleep. I tell her.

She does.

Stacy and I go to bed. Tired. Hard night that got a little harder but atleast she knows now. The cat is out of the bag and tommorow is another day.

To be continued….

The Rise

This is the start of a regular series that I will be enticing you with. I’m a big superhero/ vigilanty type story lover so why not try my own version of it. Enjoy my friends.

The Boogeyman.

My name is Rise. It’s a name passed on by my father to me. Not my actual dad, my mentor. My mentor had no children of his own so he came out looking for me. He found me, not in the streets selling drugs or doing crime. He found me volunteering in a homeless shelter at the age of 9 with my dad, my real dad. What I didn’t know is that he followed me for 3 years after that, a story for another time.

My city is not one full of crime and murder. We have made it very peaceful within our time helping this city. Rumours of a guardian of the night watching over them has gone around like all other city’s around this country however no concrete evidence.

I’m currently waiting patiently in Mike’s house. He is  A man who i name asshole, he murdered 2 women and got away with it. How you may ask? Simple, evidence was obtained without a court order, so now he’s out. I don’t kill, let’s make this clear. I believe in redemption however I don’t forgive, you’ll understand why soon enough. 

Finally the fucker is here. I don’t hide, i wait for him to come into the living room.

Arhhhhhhh. The asshole screamed.

I don’t say a word. I run toward him and with my right hand i grab his throat and drop him to the ground. Most of these fucks always freeze. They don’t expect me. They think I’m a myth, a legend. I’m not. I see myself has a boogeyman against evil. I’m dressed in black with a mask. Not a skie mask. Well a bit, except for the white stripe that’s horizontal on my eyes and a long zipper where my mouth is. Trust me it’s scary.

Asshole starts to cry, sobbing. Asking for forgiveness. All the usual.

I’m not here to kill you. I tell him. I’m here to make you remember what you did for the rest of your life. The families of the women you murdered will always remember what you did and now they will remember what I’m about to do to you.

He tries to fight.

They always do. 

He fails.

I’m good at what I do, my mentor trained me well. He also trained me how to brake a person. 

I brake the assholes arms. 

I carry around a metal shaft, stick that’s about 6 feet in length and can stretch down to one foot. I love to bring it down to 2 feet and hurt the fuckers bad with it. That’s how I brake his legs next. I make sure I hit all over his body. Shatter shit he never knew he had. He passed out from the pain. I save his neck  for last. I don’t ever want to see him move again. Never.

I dial it in with his phone so that the police can pick him up. My only regret about tonight is that the city will have to use our tax paying money to put him in a caring facility so that he can eat from a straw for what’s left of his life.

I head home for the night.

My family is asleep.


I head to the garage to remove my get up. I usually do it in my other spot where I have all the rest of my boogeyman gear but I have to wake up early and it’s a bit out of the way. 


What is easy ends up being the hardest.

Dad? Says my daughter.

Oh shit!
Next chapter coming soon……


A really short story:

You look over the edge of your appartment. You’re on the 15th floor, you know if you fall, there is no coming back.

You think about your child and how you will never see them grow up, fall in love or have children of their own. You think of your wife and how this will make her feel. Wondering if you really did it? Will she forgive you? How you will miss her love.

Once you fall to your death, friends will think, how could he do this ? Leaving his family behind.

You think of everything you’ve done wrong. Every sorry you wont be able to say. Every touch you can’t have. Every moment you will miss.

You realise all the things you have bought for nothing. None of it could be taken to your grave.

My God the funeral. You think. Your wife will never be able to afford it. All the grambling debt I have accumulated.. she will have to pay it. I leave my family with my debt.

There must be way you can repair this. Right all the wrongs.

It’s time to go Johnny. He said.

Please Tony, dont kill me I’ll repay everything I owe to Frank. You said.

Frank dont want your money anymore. Mike said. He wants blood.

They throw you off the balcony. Your dead.

Now what?

The end.

Your world.

She woke up.

Nancy was getting her sword cleaned for another day of fighting when heading towards work.

In her world it’s the same as ours except for the monsters who live in the sewers who feed of human flesh.

It’s an everyday normalcy for her. Walking down 4th Avenue and a random troll looking creature jumps out of a man hole to try to eat her. This morning however 5 of them popped out. They weren’t trying to just get her but other bystanders as well.

So she fights along side others trying to make her way to work in a call center.

Fuck you assholes. She said has she sliced away.

Rick slashes one has well, however it’s yellow blood goes on Nancy’s face.

Dude! What the fuck? Can you be more careful!

Sorry. I wasnt thinking about blood spatter. Rick had said.

He took out a tissue he had in his pocket and started to wipe her face.

I can do this myself. She said.

Rick at that moment felt connected with her. He could not put his finger on it. The look in her eyes. Her tough attitude. Her smooth face. Her amazing features. He was falling in love.

Look I’m sorry. He said. How about we walk together for a while. I find there’s more trolls than usual. We cover each others back and I buy you a coffee at Moon Bucks.

She nodded o.k.

Rick kept on talking about himself. She kept on listening. Nancy wasn’t a big talker but loved to listen. She was loving what he was saying.

They entered the coffee shop.

What you want to drink?

Latte extra foam, extra sweet would be nice. She had said.

Wow! My favorite!

Rick had gone to order and she sat down.

Moments later, he heard the coffee shop door close with a bang. It was Nancy, she bolted out the door. He runs after her leaving the lattes behind.

He saw what was happening, a creature was trying to pull an old lady into the sewers and Nancy was trying to pull her out.

It was too late. She only pulled out her arms.

Fuuuuucckkkk! She yelled.

Rick pulled her away. She drops the arms and consoles herself in his arm.

Will this ever end. She cried.

They headed back to her place to change. She was soaked in blood.

Rick was sitting on the couch when she came out of the shower. You can clean up if you want. She said.

He walks towards the washroom and took her hand. Everything will be o.k. he said.

She wanted to forget the blood soaked hands from the sewers. She also found Rick very attractive. She felt something about him she could not express. Something out worldly.

She goes in slow,touching his face. He presses closer and sets his lips on hers. They kissed. There bodies became one has he pushed her against the wall. She moaned in pleasure. Her nipples were hard has he put his tongue on it. Rick made his way down to her clit. She wrapped her legs around his neck while her back leaned on the wall.

Her moan was strong. She had forgotten the carnal pleasure of the flesh. When he was finished, she returned the pleasure back to him, putting his cock in her mouth. He held himself on that wall so not to fall to the ground.

The wall at Nancy’s house has never been treated so well. Her hands would lean on it has he took her from behind. His back leaned on it has she mounted him. There vibrating screams when they came, was felt on that wall.

I love you. He has never said it before.

She stares at him and caresses his face. I love you too. A tear rolls down her face.

Days pass.

Nancy called in sick at work. Rick did as well.

They would spend there days having sex and fighting monsters. Learning about each other and loving each other.

And then the final day approached.

There’s a big a troll monster attacking people downtown, they think it went insane because he’s out in plain day light. She said.

They glanced at each other. Knowing full well it’s time to go. They get there gear together and hit the road.

Has they step outside they realize there’s trolls everywhere.

What the heck is going on, this never happens.

They take there swords out and start fighting the creatures has they stand next to each other, back to back on the city streets.

People in the streets also start to fight pulling out there weapons and fighting the monsters.

The war lasts for hours. Blood and yellow goo everywhere. Rick helps her. Nancy helps him. There was a sync to them that only lovers understand.

The war finally ends. Everyone stops moving and they all look at Rick.

Rick what are you doing? Nancy says.

I have to go.

What do you mean you have to go. She stated has she cries.

Don’t you see, this is a dream I have to wake up now. He expresses while crying.

Don’t go. Please stay. I love you, if you go I’ll never see you again….dont wake up…dont. Nancy yells.

I dont want to , I want to stay, I have no choice. Nancy… Nancy…I love you….I’m sorry…so sorry.

Rick wakes up.

He cries like he never did before. Realizing the one person he loved was not real but a dream. That world never existed. Instead he would have to go to work and wander the streets and wonder can she be real in my world.

Rick never saw her again.

The end.