The noise came mostly at night. Faint sounds of screaming, crying coming from Andrew’s closet. He had been listening to these sounds for months now. In the past he would tell his parents, however they did not really believe him anymore when it came to creatures in his room. Too many times he’d claimed a monster was making roaring sounds from his closet with little evidence to support this. His father would come running into his bedroom hearing his son scream, only to realize his imagination was going wild and no creatures stirring in his closet. Andrew is 12 now, too old to believe in such things or was he…..



Every morning Andrew went outside to pick up his dad’s newspaper that the paperboy leaves on the side walk because he’s too lazy to march up to the door. Like clockwork, Andrew’s neighbor, Mr. Larry, walks out of his door 5 seconds after Andrew walks towards the paper.

“Good morning, Andrew”

“Hi Mr. Larry”

Mr. Larry always smiled back. He was a very kind man. Always there if you needed him. Whether you wanted to borrow a stool or a ladder, Mr. Larry always had what you were looking for.

The summer had just begun. Andrew was trasitionning from middle school to high school. He didn’t give much to thought to the the classes, but worried mostly meeting new people and if they would like him.

He was spending this time being leisurely. His parents were working so no vacation time away. They thought he was old enough to be home alone. As a reward for finishing school with mostly all “A’s” they bought him a game system. His mom believed keeping him at home playing video games inside would keep him out of trouble.

The days passed and the nights came. Some sleeps came without fear but most came with jitters. The sounds so faint yet almost recognizable. He could hear more than one scream, crying not from one, not from two but from at least three different voices.
Why did these voices only come at night? Why not during the day?

One morning when his parents left for work, Andrew was making himself a peanut butter and cream cheese sandwich when he glanced to the open newspaper that his mom had left open that morning on the counter. On page three there was a photo of a single mom pleading for her missing child to come back. He was skimming the article, something about they had an argument that morning and the police think he might have run away, however the mother absolutly refuses to believe this and thinks he was taken. Andrew wondered if he went to school with the kid but brushed it off. He dropped the paper and headed towards the couch, ready for another day of gaming.

That night he was awakened by a sound coming from his closet again. He thought of that kid he had read about in the paper that went missing. What if he was taken by the thing that resided there. Andrew did not want to become one of his victims. He got out of bed and picked up the hockey stick that he kept by his bed. He switched on the light to his room and then opened the closet door in such a rush, thinking he would suprise the monster. he started to swing away, only hitting his clothes.


Andrew knew he was not imagining the noise. He pushed away all the clothes to each side of the pole until he could get a clear look at the back of the closet.


It was his imagination. He started to laugh. “Ok back to bed,” he said. As he walked away he heard it again. A almost inaudible scream. He turned in fear and saw just the back of his wall.

“What the fuck is going on?”

What if the monster was behind the wall, he thought.

He stared at the wall thinking about how he was gonna get it before it got him. That’s when the idea came to him.

“I’m gonna shawshank his ass.”


Andrew needed a hammer, garbage bags and a flash light. He was gonna dig a hole through his back closet and vanquish the monster.

That morning he went to Mr. Larry’s house to borrow the tools that he needed. He had access to the garbage bag and flashlight, but his dad’s tools were in the tool box that his father kept locked.

“Can I borrow your hammer,sir?” Andrew asked.

“Sure, building a house or something?” Mr Larry said.

“Just a bird house.”

Mr. Larry went to the back shed with Andrew to grab the hammer when he noticed a crowbar right beside the hammer.

That would be easier than a hammer, he thought.

“Can I borrow that crowbar as well?”

“Why would you need that for a bird house?”

He had to think fast. “Umm, I need it for the used wood that I’ll be using to build the bird house, and it would just make it a lot easier to tear it apart”

“Ok,” Mr. Larry did not hesitate.

That evening was the perfect night to strike. His parents were out for the night and would only be back around midnight. He waited for them to leave and got the left-over things that he needed for his excursion.

Andrew waited until 11pm to begin. He told himself that it should not take him long to dig that hole and if there is something behind that wall he would have to fend it off only for a brief moment until his parents got back.


He removed everything in his closet that would block him from his goal. He was tired of being scared. That’s the one thing video games teach you: not to be scared and to kill the monsters. He struck the first hit with the hammer. He then started to use the crow bar to remove pieces of the wall and placing into the garbage bags. Making the hole the size of a milk crate, just big enough fort him to get throught and small enough to keep the monster out.

The first layer slowly came out only to be confronted by a brick wall. He started to pound on the brick one-by-one.

This is when it happened. Every time he hit that brick he heard faint screams until he had no more rock to break. Andrew hesitated to move forward realizing that this is not a game anymore.

“Only another layer left,” he said.” I think?”

He struck.

All of a sudden he heard a angry scream as if to tell something to someone. The faint sounds stopped. Andrew waited for the noise to stop. When it finally did he knew he would have to break that final wall in silence to not wake up the alleged monster.

He made the first hole and realized that it was gyproc.

I can use my hands to tear up this wall, he thought.

He started to break it apart until the hole was big enough. He pushed his arm from the hole to the other side to make sure there was no other wall.

Nothing, just darkness.

He turned on the flashlight and the first thing he saw was a door about 20 steps away. Andrew squinted his eyes in confusion.

As he started to get out of the hole, sounds of muttered screaming and crying came from a different direction of the room. He stood up to turn the light to see what he was hearing.

His eyes could not believe it. Andrew was in disbelief.

Three kids not much older that Andrew were chained to the wall and were crying for help.

“You’re the ones screaming,” he said.

He rushed to try to help one of them only to see that this was not possible. Andrew was not strong enough to break the metal chains. He removed the tape from the kid’s mouth.

“Help us! He’s coming back.” The kid said.

“What is coming back?” Andrew asked.

The door of the room opened, bringing in the light of the hallway.

“I told you fuckin’ kids to shut the fuck up or I’ll will fuck you guys up till you scream for your fucking mother,” it said.


Andrew couldn’t believe it. He bolted towards his hole to get back to his room.

“Get over here you little shit,” it said.

Andrew feels it’s grip on his shoe has he tries to exit the hole, however manages to kick it’s hand off. He crawls back into his closet and grabs the hammer.

“Come on, you fucking asshole”

Andrew screams out.

Andrew heard it trying to get on his side of the closet. Finally, his head emerged.

He realized then and there that this wasn’t a monster. Not a fantastical one anyway.

“Motherfucking Mr. Larry.” Andrew said as he brought the hammer down on Mr. Larry’s head, smashing it into a mess of blood and brain matter.

He dropped the blood-soaked hammer on the floor and walked to his parents room in shock. He managed to pick up the phone to call 911.

“911. How can we assist?”

“I just killed my neighbor.” Andrew stated in a calm voice.

Andrew dropped the phone and crumbled down to the ground waiting for the police. He realized at that moment that there was no such things as monsters, only evil.

The End.

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