Darkest Mind

Here is a cautious tale. Dont be afraid of others:

Arthur woke up one evening to go to work at the gaz station, where he would work the night shift. At 2am he had noticed that no clients came in so far, for a saturday night it’s never happened. He had decided to step outside at around 3am to see if the local bar was busy has it usually is on a weekend night.

Know one. Only him. This is strange he thought.

He spent that night and many others walking, travelling the town in search of anyone, but never found anything. It had not come to a true shock for him, he was mostly mistified, because he was already a lone wolf. He was not married, no children, no friends, nothing. Thats how Arthur was brought up. His mother died at a young age, his father abandoned him at the age of 14 to fend for himself. Arthur was going through many years of therapy for his issues until the day everyone disappeared.

Arthur lived in a small town.When there where other people, he never cared, now that there is nobody, he cares.

Ever since evryone vanished, he mostly wandered at night, breaking into stores for food or things he needed. He was following his regular sleeping hours even if he had no work anymore.

One morning he could not sleep so he had decided to wander during the day, but never again.

He calls them the Day Creatures.

Everyone was gone but there is something invisible out there trying to hurt him. He could not see these monsters, however they would attack him, push him, make him fall. They did not kill him. He wondered if there is a gene in him that made him stronger and thats why the monsters got rid of all other beings and not him. To avoid them he continued to travel mostly at night. There seemed to be less confrontation at 3am.

Arthur one evening noticed that at the locale grocery store the window was fixed. Who fixed this, he wonderd. If he was truly alone the window would be damaged. He had decided to break it again so that he could get food. Once entered he had seen all the food that was taken by him replenished . His eyes had opened wide in disbelief.

Hello! He yelled.

How could this be. He thought.

Arthur grabbed food and reached for his knife that he had in his backpack in case someone or something violent appeared. He had left the store and was running up and down streets looking for others. He had not seen a thing. Moments later, he felt a hard hit at the back of his legs and fell to the ground. He got up quickly and started waving his knife around to defend himself. He had felt an impact with his blade and blood appeared on his knife.

What the fuck. He said

Arthur felt a surge of pain to his chest has his body was projected to the ground.

Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! He screamed

He grabbed his chest has blood started to flow out of him. I’ve been shot. He said has his voice starts to fail him. A sudden image started to appear in front of him.

Help is coming son, just try to breath. The voice had told him. Ambulances are coming.

Arthur fainted.

He had awakened in a hospital bed handcuffed. A police officer heard him move and came in from the hallway.

It’s ok son. The officer had said. We shot you because you stabbed my partner and you where waving your knife looking to hurt us.

The officer stepped closer to his bed.

We’ve been looking for you for a while now. The officer continued. A series of night burglaries into homes and stores started a couple of weeks ago. The officer grabbed his chin. You alluded us for a while but a witness saw you breaking into that store.

Arthur squinted his eyes in disbelief.

Where did you come from? Arthur asked.

What are you talking boy, I was in the hallway. The officer had said.

No. Every one has been gone for weeks. You died. You all died. He said.

kid I dont know what kind of drugs they have you on, but your under arrest.

Months have passed. Medical exams have passed. Shrinks have come and gone. In the end, Arthur was lost in his mind. His loneliness was so strong, he saw himself alone in the world. With time he realised that there are no day creatures. Just people he did not see would bump into him and at 3am there is a lot less people out there.

Let this be a lesson. Your mind is your enemy when loneliness sets in.

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