Your face is not your face

Hello my friends. Here is another delightful tale for you. Sometimes you should not stare in the mirror too long. Never know what you will see.


Jennifer was 23. She loved hanging out with her friends and hitting the night club to dance away her worries. She would especially like to fuck strangers next to her friends. She would start by inviting the random man to come and sit with them at the VIP section, her usual spot that she so deservingly got by sucking off the club owners cock while being rammed by the back by his bisexual boyfriend. The men she would invite to her table would start by drinking her favorite vodka while she sat on there lap. On those nights she always wore rather large dresses. This allowed her to unzip her choice of men’s pants, she would push her panties to the side and fuck them right there in the booth. Nobody noticed because of her dress. She would do slow movement and the excitement of it all would get the men coming in seconds. Jen’s friends knew what she was doing and would quite enjoy it themselves. Most of them would masturbate when they got home.

On that cold evening In February Jen fucked a rather interesting fellow.

You have a complicated face. The man had said.

What? Ok what the fuck you mean by that? Jen was clearly upset by this comment.

Nothing harmful. I just feel there is a deep side to your face, another side to it. His comment came out with a grin.

Go on, I’m listening. Jen was intrigued now.

They say if you stare at your face long enough in the mirror and you focus on your eyes only without blinking you will see your face shape into faces of your past life.

The man’s comment struck a cord with her. She did not know why, she only knew that it did.

She had decided to leave early that evening. Walking her way home, she could not help thinking about what the man said. She’s always felt different. She was left for adoption at an early age. Going from foster home to foster home. Her first sexual experiences came with the older son of one of her foster dads. He thought her many things about the art of fucking. He would often talk about her face and often commented, in time your truth will come out, she rememberd this. Tonight brought back all of these memories.

She had undressed herself into her sleeping attire when she got home. In her wash room she would begin to stare at herself in the mirror. She was still perplexed by the man’s comments. She would find herself constantly blinking her eyes because they easily became dry. She had put eye drops now to prevent dryness.

Ok let’s do this. She had told to herself for motivation.

Jen stared and stared and stared. She would notice her face started to blur except for her eyes. Her eyes where burning a little from not shutting them.

Have to keep going. Have to keep..arhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. She thought and then screamed out loud

Her face was different, not her own. She shooked it off. Thinking to herself she was tired. Jen had decided to roll a joint and go to bed, she was a little freaked out with what she saw.

Days later Jen was still haunted. She left her work around 10 PM that evening and made it an early night and walked home. As she walked down the blocks she started to notice random people looking at her. Staring at her to be more precise. This was happening every 5 minutes. While walking forward she also kept looking back. They kept staring.

Right before turning into her house, she sees another one.

Why are you people looking at me? She screamed at him.

You saw her. You saw you. He stated while reaching for her face to give her a gentle caress. You will see.

Jen slapped the man’s hand away and bolted into her house.

She was fucking angry. She was fucking scared. She went towards the washroom and put the eyes solution again. She stared into herself with determination.

Moments later her face started to blur up. She kept at it. Her face was shifting. She kept staring.

Jen saw it again. This time it spoke.

Not many can do this. Stare at ones inner self, to the deeper soul of there inner being. If they would only look they would see there true self. However humanity is not that enlightened. We tried for many century, only to fail so many and only win a few.

Jen could not move. It was controlling her.

I’m not here to hurt you. However you crossed a line you shouldn’t have. The one night you should not do this on is a full moon. The only night where we can possess a body and make it ours.

Jen is catapulted to the grown backwords. Head hitting the floor hard. She’s out like a light.

Hours later she awakens. She stares around, realizing she’s on the floor. Her hands start caressing her body, trying to know her body. She presses on her breasts, she lowers her hand down her belly. Into her pants and down into her pussy.

I’m gonna like this girl! Jennifer mouth said it, however something else has taken her soul.


Sometimes your face is not your face.

Hope you like that little story. Try to stare into the mirror staring right into your eyes without blinking for a couple of minutes. Try it I dare you. Watch your other faces come to life……

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