A really short story:

You look over the edge of your appartment. You’re on the 15th floor, you know if you fall, there is no coming back.

You think about your child and how you will never see them grow up, fall in love or have children of their own. You think of your wife and how this will make her feel. Wondering if you really did it? Will she forgive you? How you will miss her love.

Once you fall to your death, friends will think, how could he do this ? Leaving his family behind.

You think of everything you’ve done wrong. Every sorry you wont be able to say. Every touch you can’t have. Every moment you will miss.

You realise all the things you have bought for nothing. None of it could be taken to your grave.

My God the funeral. You think. Your wife will never be able to afford it. All the grambling debt I have accumulated.. she will have to pay it. I leave my family with my debt.

There must be way you can repair this. Right all the wrongs.

It’s time to go Johnny. He said.

Please Tony, dont kill me I’ll repay everything I owe to Frank. You said.

Frank dont want your money anymore. Mike said. He wants blood.

They throw you off the balcony. Your dead.

Now what?

The end.

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