The Rise

This is the start of a regular series that I will be enticing you with. I’m a big superhero/ vigilanty type story lover so why not try my own version of it. Enjoy my friends.

The Boogeyman.

My name is Rise. It’s a name passed on by my father to me. Not my actual dad, my mentor. My mentor had no children of his own so he came out looking for me. He found me, not in the streets selling drugs or doing crime. He found me volunteering in a homeless shelter at the age of 9 with my dad, my real dad. What I didn’t know is that he followed me for 3 years after that, a story for another time.

My city is not one full of crime and murder. We have made it very peaceful within our time helping this city. Rumours of a guardian of the night watching over them has gone around like all other city’s around this country however no concrete evidence.

I’m currently waiting patiently in Mike’s house. He is  A man who i name asshole, he murdered 2 women and got away with it. How you may ask? Simple, evidence was obtained without a court order, so now he’s out. I don’t kill, let’s make this clear. I believe in redemption however I don’t forgive, you’ll understand why soon enough. 

Finally the fucker is here. I don’t hide, i wait for him to come into the living room.

Arhhhhhhh. The asshole screamed.

I don’t say a word. I run toward him and with my right hand i grab his throat and drop him to the ground. Most of these fucks always freeze. They don’t expect me. They think I’m a myth, a legend. I’m not. I see myself has a boogeyman against evil. I’m dressed in black with a mask. Not a skie mask. Well a bit, except for the white stripe that’s horizontal on my eyes and a long zipper where my mouth is. Trust me it’s scary.

Asshole starts to cry, sobbing. Asking for forgiveness. All the usual.

I’m not here to kill you. I tell him. I’m here to make you remember what you did for the rest of your life. The families of the women you murdered will always remember what you did and now they will remember what I’m about to do to you.

He tries to fight.

They always do. 

He fails.

I’m good at what I do, my mentor trained me well. He also trained me how to brake a person. 

I brake the assholes arms. 

I carry around a metal shaft, stick that’s about 6 feet in length and can stretch down to one foot. I love to bring it down to 2 feet and hurt the fuckers bad with it. That’s how I brake his legs next. I make sure I hit all over his body. Shatter shit he never knew he had. He passed out from the pain. I save his neck  for last. I don’t ever want to see him move again. Never.

I dial it in with his phone so that the police can pick him up. My only regret about tonight is that the city will have to use our tax paying money to put him in a caring facility so that he can eat from a straw for what’s left of his life.

I head home for the night.

My family is asleep.


I head to the garage to remove my get up. I usually do it in my other spot where I have all the rest of my boogeyman gear but I have to wake up early and it’s a bit out of the way. 


What is easy ends up being the hardest.

Dad? Says my daughter.

Oh shit!
Next chapter coming soon……

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