Sex story

I fuck her hard.

I stick my huge cock in her wet fucking pussy. You like this bitch, tell me how much you like this whore.

She says nothing.

You want my cock in your ass don’t you.

I take out the lub and drip it on my dick.

Take it bitch. Your taking it deep now. Screaaaammmmmm bitch, scream.

She says nothing.

I’m gonna deepthroath you until you choke. Come here.

I pull her by her hair to show her who’s boss. I grab my shaft and throw it in her mouth.

Taste your pussy, taste your ass whore.

She says nothing.

I’m gonna cum in your mouth get ready.


The cum fills her mouth, her face. He slaps her down and she hits the floor.

That’s a good whore.

He walks to the washroom and washes his dick and rinses his face. He grabs a dry towel and puts water and soap on it and walks towards her.

Gonna clean your sorry ass bitch.

He picks her up and wipes her down.

There you go whore all clean.

Then he deflates her and puts her back in the amazon box he bought her from and puts her in the closet.

Moments later his wife walks in and she wants sex.

Not tonight honey, I’m tired.

The fucking end!

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