The Rise: let’s talk

(Ongoing series chapter 2)

The conversation:

Sooo how long have you been doing this? My daughter asks.

It’s about 4 in the morning. My daughter woke up to me changing out of my vigilante outfit in the garage. I guess I wasnt has silent has I thought and now we are all sitting around the kitchen table with wife included discussing this predicament.

I’ve been doing this for a little over 20 years. I tell her.

Sooo my dad fights crime? You know this mom?

She stares at me and then smiles back at our daughter.

Listen Jen. Your dad has been doing this for years and hes good at what he does even though I found out about it the same way has you so not really sure how hes managed to keep that secret for so long without the world knowing.

I think it’s because I feel safe at home Stacy. My guard is down I guess. I said.

We all look at each other and I can see my daughter trying to grip with all this. She’s only 16, to young to be old, to old to be a child.

This city is safe because of what I do honey. I tell her. I wanted to wait before telling you. I wanted to wait for your 18th birthday. I want you to be a part of this. To take over. I cant do this forever.

You want me to replace you. She says. That’s why I’ve been taking those martial arts classes since I’ve been 6. Why not just come flat out and tell me.

I was trying to bring you into the right direction. I wanted you to choose that path and you have willingly. Now I will teach you the balance so you can become the next Rise.

Rise. What the fuck is Rise. She said

That’s my code name. Rise. You know like rise against crime, rise above the city. You know.

Ok I get it I guess.

Look will talk more about this. It’s late go back to sleep. I tell her.

She does.

Stacy and I go to bed. Tired. Hard night that got a little harder but atleast she knows now. The cat is out of the bag and tommorow is another day.

To be continued….

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