The word game

Allo peeps. Here is a short story for a short life that ended to soon.


Henry was a part of a street gang called killer bloods. Mostly deal with drugs and sex. He wasn’t high level guy but would get there with some hard work and getting your hands dirty.

Henry has gunned down many rival gang members. Look at his gang wrong and he would shoot you down. Steal from the stealers they cut off your hands. The bloodier the better.

That morning wasn’t a pleasant morning. A year ago his mother passed away. The word started spreading that the local grocery stores son said that Henry’s mom died from being a whore on the streets. This did not sit well with Henry.

When Henry saw him that evening he shot the guy straight in the face. The poor kid never had time to react.

Later that night Henry was watching some girls stripping on the pole when his favorite Tracy came to him.

So sad about Timmy. She said.

He got what was coming to him.

What you talking about Henry? That kid only got respect for you.

Someone who respects you doesn’t disrespect your mom.

What you mean?

That peace of shit said my mom dresses like a whore.

Who fucking told you that?


I think he got it wrong.

What you mean?

I spoke to Timmy this morning and all he had to say was nice things about your mom. Says that she was the classiest lady on the block.

Henry wasn’t feeling to good. This was not sitting right with him.

The next morning he started interrogating about what Timmy said. He went down the ladder. John who heard from Nancy who heard it from Frank who heard it from aunt Julie and she heard it from grandma Susie who’s Timmy’s grandma.

Susie can we have a word. She’s on old lady who has known his mother from back in the day.

Heard what? She said.

No let’s talk.

As they are talking it’s becoming clear to him that this lady is not all there and has a hearing problem and she’s hearing the opposite from what he’s saying.

Timmy loved you lots. He only had respect for you. Shame what happened to the boy.

I heard about what he said about my mom.

The boy said nothing wrong. I just heard him wrong. He came to clear it with me before he died. These darn ears of mine. What you gonna do when your 98 years old.

Henry walked up and left. Shocked about what he learned. He got it wrong. Killed a young boy for nothing.

Hes not gonna kill this old lady. She just old not her fault. The boy was innocent.

He goes back to grandma Susie and shoots her dead.

He leaves smiling realizing that this was like that game one person says one thing and let’s see what it sounds like at the end of the line.

That put a smile on his face.

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