Harry porked her and the chamber of sex

A tale of sex.

It was the night before the first of porn school.

Harry’s parents didn’t want him to do porn because its sinful and non Christian like. Every evening they would lock him in his room and make him pray for forgiveness.

What Harry did instead was jerk off to his best friend Whoreminian. He was looking forward to seeing her tommorow because she’s the first one he will fuck and her boyfriend Ron Jeasly will have to watch. Its an in class project.

The first day was finally here. All the boys in Porn school where showing off there dicks to each other and some testing some new lines when cumming on there partners faces.


That was everyone’s favorite spell.

While everyone was getting there dicks and pussy wet for class. The three amigos found a secret chamber.

OMG!SOMEONE FUCK ME NOW! Said Whoreminian.

Jeasly was stunned and got erected at the same time seeing all the gadgets.

Harry decided to wip his dick out right there.

This is my kind of room. A whole bunch of fuck toys and straps and kinks for everyone.

All of a sudden Whoreminians pants fell and a sticky pointy tongue went down on her. She could not believe it. Cockthemort was eating her out.

Like the tongue of a snake bitch?

She came instantly.

Harry charges towards her and sticks his dick in her ass.

Jeasly screams in anger, noticing his girlfriend loving the fuck session.

Jeasly falls to his knees and masturbates while crying and staring at them. I’m powerless he cries out.


DumbleWhore the top head master at school walks in.

Cockthemort tries to cum all over Whoreminian but too late.

Dumblewhore pushes her away and swallows all of his cum and spits it out on his face.


Dumblewhore was right. The amigos where beginners and Cockthemort was a senior in porn school he had no right making them cum this hard.

He left.

Dumblewhore slowly made them cum and showed them back to class.


The chamber of sex was forever closed.

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