The Rise:refused part 3

They said no. The council actually said no.

We meet once a month to discuss our city’s safety and what we can do to make it better. It’s happened on many occasions that we help each other out.

They want me to help out Blake. I accepted not knowing they where gonna refuse my request.

Council she is my daughter. I said

Yes we know and you know full well this is men only and it has been like this since the beginning of time or have you forgotten. Women do not have our endurance and strength for what we do.

I will make sure she does. I will train her harder than I was. I will make her endure unimaginable pain. She will be strong I swear by our oath.

No. They said.

You are cowards of change. The women of our time is not the house ladies of the 50s. They can do it. They are has strong has us.


Blake grabs my shoulder. Letting me know to stop.

I go out and break has much asshole criminals has I can. They got me pissed. My daughter is my successor.

She will be Rise.

Fuck them all. I will train her and she wI’ll make them eat there fucking words.

To be continued…

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